Is teeth whitening safe?


The advent of social media has seen a steep rise in people wanting to have perfectly white teeth so that they can send photographs from their smartphones to friends and family around the world. There are a plethora of over-the-counter teeth whitening products that are now available for home use. Their suitability for your particular situation is something that is difficult to ascertain without referring to a professional. If you have sensitive teeth you may experience pain and discomfort. You may select a product that burns your gums and damages your tooth enamel.

Identifying the cause

Our dentist at The Dental Retreat will always conduct an examination of your teeth and gums before embarking on the teeth whitening Macleod procedure. The reason why an examination is necessary is because it is important to identify the cause of your teeth being discoloured. There are numerous reasons why teeth become stained. The most common are smoking, coffee, tea, cola, wine and a multitude of different fruit and vegetables. Smoking, ageing and poor oral hygiene are also not uncommon reasons for stained teeth. There are however some diseases and treatments that affect your tooth enamel and dentine. Certain infections in pregnant women can result in their babies being born with stained teeth. Treatments such as radiation as well as chemotherapy have also been known to result in teeth discolouration. Some treatments for high blood pressure and excessive fluoride in the water are also known to discolour teeth. Genetics can cause some people to have slightly thicker enamel than is the norm. A traumatic incident can also result in teeth becoming discoloured. The shade of the discolouration and spotting helps us to identify the cause.

Correct treatment

Our practice considers this procedure in the same way as we do any treatment and that is why we will always conduct a preliminary examination to identify the cause. We may find dental problems in some patients and we need to attend to these problems before proceeding with the teeth whitening Macleod cosmetic procedure. Once we know the cause we will select the appropriate treatment. You want to avoid those extremely white artificial smiles that are the result of the use of the incorrect treatment. Producing a natural white enamel smile is far more desirable and we can achieve this for you by following our tried and trusted procedure.

Nothing beats a proper dental maintenance regime

Brushing twice a day and regular flossing coupled with biannual visits to your dentist are the front line in preventing stains and discolouration of your teeth. Enjoying those things that can discolour your teeth is perfectly acceptable provided you rinse and brush afterwards.

Professional teeth whitening

We recommend that you have your teeth whitened, if necessary, by us because we will offer you a treatment which is specific to your needs and is applied by a professional. It also gives us the opportunity to identify if there is something else that needs to be attended to before it becomes a problem.  So, if you’re interested in professional, tailored teeth whitening, come and see our friendly team at our practice in Macleod.  Our teeth whitening Macleod process will help to make your smile look its best and your teeth look pearly white.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.