Teeth whitening; common myths debunked


Have you heard that professional dental whitening isn’t worth it?

At The Dental Retreat, our team has used teeth whitening Macleod to help hundreds of our patients to restore their smile to a pearly white splendour and now, we can help you too!

Here, our team at the Dental Retreat debunks 5 common myths about teeth whitening Macleod.

Myth-Whitening is permanent

Any kind of teeth whitening Macleod is not going to be permanent, however, our team can help you to retain the effects of your whitening treatment with us. We can provide you with a set of custom-fitted whitening trays which, when placed over your teeth with whitening gels overnight, can help keep your teeth gleaming and whiter for longer.

Remember, lifestyle choices also play a large part in prolonging the effects of whitening and so, you should avoid things such as smoking and drinking red wine.

Myth-Whitening can worsen sensitivity

Technically it can, but only if it is performed incorrectly, which is why whitening is best left to the professionals.

Our team at the Dental Retreat will ensure that the gels we use to whiten your teeth do not worsen sensitivity. If you do suffer from sensitive teeth, please let us know before attending your whitening session.

Myth-Over the counter products work just as well

You may have heard that professional dental whitening is simply not worth the money and that you can buy dental ‘at-home whitening kits to brighten up your smile.

And while at-home kits can remove some stains, they are unlikely to be able to remove any deeply set stains and, if used incorrectly, may cause damage to the teeth and your gums.

When you come to our team at the Dental Retreat, we will mix the oxidising gels to match your specific needs and thus, when they are applied, the results will be striking and longer-lasting.

Our team knows how to apply these products without causing issues so if you want a whiter smile that is long-lasting, call us today!

Myth-You can’t whiten teeth with fillings

Let us assume that you have a porcelain or composite filling in one of your teeth.

When we whiten the tooth, the enamel will easily change colour but the filling won’t. So technically, this myth is a bit of a ‘yes you can but’ answer!

However, once the enamel of the tooth has been whitened, our team may be able to update the filling so it blends in with the surrounding tooth. Composite and porcelain can be colour matched and so, we can easily fit a new filling, crown or another restorative for you if required.

Myth-All teeth can be whitened

Unfortunately, not all teeth can be whitened.

Why? Because it depends on the underlying cause of the discolouration; should you have surface staining to your enamel caused by excessive smoking or consumption of coffee, then it is likely that these stains will be removable.

However, if you have stains that are set in the teeth (potentially due to medication you took as a child), then it is unlikely that standard whitening will be able to remove this. Luckily, we may be able to offer you dental veneers as a whitening alternative.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.