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Stained Teeth

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Stained or discoloured teeth is a commonly seen condition and can occur due to a variety of reasons such as injuries, tartar, plaque, decay, old fillings, genetic factors, some medication like tetracycline’s taken during pregnancy, reflux, smoking, fluorosis, certain food and drinks.

Why do we have discoloured teeth?

There are several reasons for staining or discolouration of teeth. It can vary depending on each individual’s habits like diet, type of salivary secretion, oral bacteria, brushing habits and more.

Hard brushing can stain teeth as it wears away the hard enamel surface, it also creates a rough tooth surface that can stain quicker from coloured food and drinks like red wine, coffee, tea, coloured drinks, curry, chocolates and more.

Improper brushing and flossing regularly can also lead to plaque and calculus or tartar buildup which can lead to discolouration. Use of abrasive toothpastes like charcoal based ones can cause surface roughness of teeth, helping stains to adhere quickly.

Internal Discolouration:
This can result from injuries of teeth in children or adults from trauma or decay if the tooth becomes infected and after Root Canal treatment.

Energy drinks with high sugar, colas, aerated, Lime drinks regularly consumed can erode the enamel surface of your teeth exposing the darker layer below making them appear discoloured. Also red wine, coffee, tea consumption can cause staining of teeth.

Tetracycline’s taken during pregnancy, some mouth washes are also know to be reasons for teeth staining.

Other factors:
Ageing can cause discoloured teeth as a natural process. Also excess fluoride in water during the developmental stages of teeth, old amalgam fillings, stained fillings, dental caries, acidic reflux and smoking are known reasons for having discoloured teeth.

What are the options to treat discoloured teeth?

We recommend having regular checkup and clean visits with your dentist and following your brushing and flossing routines daily. Your Dentist may also advise In-Office/On-Chair or Home teeth whitening. Another option is fixing discoloured fillings with composites or having composite/porcelain veneers. Lastly, we suggest consuming food that causes staining in moderation.

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