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Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment dental clinic bundoora and macleod

Root canal treatment is the procedure used to retain a tooth that has deep decay, fracture or cracks on teeth, broken filling or an infection that extends deep into the tooth pulp harbouring bacteria. If left untreated at this stage it can become very painful and the infected tooth could lead to an abscess with facial swelling. The Dental Retreat Macleod provide root canal treatment to Bundoora, Macleod, and surrounding suburbs.

What are the steps in a root canal treatment?

Once our dentist examines the tooth that is causing the ongoing toothache, pain while chewing, decay or gum swelling, we usually take an x-ray to determine the extent of infection and its spread to the surrounding bone and tissues.

After the initial assessment of the tooth and it is found suitable for a root canal treatment, the decay is removed and the canals are cleaned followed by placement of materials to seal the canals. This is usually performed over two to three visits. In most root canal treated teeth, a dental crown is recommended to protect and cover the tooth’s surface as it becomes more susceptible to fracture from the load of biting or chewing.

When is root canal therapy recommended?

At The Dental Retreat we check for signs or symptoms that indicate a need for root canal treatment during your regular check-up visits. There are cases where teeth with deep fillings may need a root canal treatment but display no symptoms, our digital x-rays help us to diagnose them.

The usual recommendation is to start a root canal treatment at the earliest when signs and symptoms related such as abscess draining along the gums, deep caries or decay extending to the pulp is detected. If the infection is left untreated, removal or extraction of the tooth will be the only choice and could also result in significant loss of bone and surrounding tissues.

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