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Visiting the dentist is rarely a favorite activity for any child. However it is important to develop good habits very early as a child to ensure Good Oral hygiene and to develop a healthy dentition.

Dental treatment for children is not only about having regular dental examination, clean and preventative care. It is also about helping to learn the benefits of proactively taking care of their oral health by Our Kid’s friendly Dentist at Macleod. Dental Treatment for Children is usually available to Kid’s even as young as one year old or from the time they start having teeth.

We also provide Myobrace treatment that helps to correct breathing and functional habits in a growing child.

Why does my child need preventive dental care?

Early decay or Dental caries if untreated could cause loss of the tooth, leading to closure of its space and preventing the permanent tooth from erupting into the correct position.

Checking their brushing and diet habits are also considered important.

Interceptive orthodontic treatment or habit correction may be indicated in some kids who could have more predictable results if treatment is provided early.

What could be more wonderful than a child who is on track with their dental health, not needing to undergo many painful dental procedures as they grow up and says “I like the Dentist” at their regular visits.

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