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Irregular Teeth

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Crooked or Irregular teeth is seen commonly in Children, Teenagers and Adults.

Why do I have Irregular or Crooked teeth?

There are many reasons why we have Irregular or Crooked teeth.

The habits as a child that lead to Crooked teeth include prolonged use of pacifiers, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking and mouth breathing.

As a teenager you lose your baby teeth and have a new set of permanent teeth. If your baby tooth was lost very early due to dental decay or trauma the space for the permanent teeth may close preventing it from erupting into its normal position. Genetics also play a role along with habits, as there can be spacing or crowding in arches. In some cases you may have missing teeth, extra teeth and teeth erupting outside the arch.

As an Adult it is important to have teeth in function. If the irregularities are not fixed early it continues to adulthood and there can be difficulty in eating, brushing, flossing, in many cases it can lead to night grinding of teeth. There are many instances where you have missing teeth, improper fillings, crowns, and restorations. If they are not restored on time, they tend to drift over time and can cause opening of gaps in between other teeth, food impaction, gum issues and lack of function. Gum disease if left untreated can also weaken teeth causing mobility and early loss of teeth.

What is the treatment to correct Crooked teeth?

We at The Dental Retreat can help you straighten your crooked teeth. It can be by fillings, crowns, composite or porcelain veneers, orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or clear braces. Correcting habits in children with early intervention and in some cases or a combination of different treatment methods are required depending on each individual’s requirement.

If you are looking for options to straighten your crowded teeth but don’t like the appearance of the standard metal or fixed braces, then Invisalign might be a perfect solution for you to consider.

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