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Gaps Between Teeth

gaps between teeth treatment macleod and bundoora

Do you have gaps between your teeth? This space between your teeth is a common dental occurrence and often referred to as a ‘Diastema’.

Gaps or spacing between the front teeth is a common occurrence seen in many. They can also be caused by gum disease, receding gums, trauma to teeth, deep bite, protruded teeth from habits developed early in childhood, lack of lip competence, mouth breathing and more.

How Can I Fill the Space Between My Teeth?

Filling the space between your teeth can be done by various options and available treatments. It can be with direct composite fillings, composite or porcelain veneers, treating existing gum disease or with Invisalign or clear braces. One or more treatment combination may be indicated depending on the need of each individual case.

If you are self-conscious about the gaps between your teeth, please contact The Dental Retreat or book an appointment online to have an initial consultation.


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