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Fissure Sealant

fissure sealant for children macleod bundoora and heidelberg

Fissure sealants are a thin protective coating applied mainly to the chewing surfaces of teeth. It is applied mainly to the molars where there are deep fissures, pits or grooves which harbor bacteria and then cause decay as they multiply. These areas become inaccessible to the toothbrush, which in turn causes decay. First permanent molars erupt around the age of six and need to be protected if they have deep grooves as they stay for life. The remaining permanent teeth have varying ages of eruption which need to be monitored for deep fissures as they erupt.

Fissure Sealants For a Child Treatment

This is a painless procedure, once the tooth surface is cleaned, the flowable fissure sealant material is applied along the grooves of the tooth and wait for it to harden thus protecting the tooth from formation of decay or caries. They are then monitored with the child’s regular checkups and may have to be reapplied if they have worn away.

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