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Dental Fillings for Kids

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Dental fillings for kids are done to prevent the progress of decay or cavities and enables to maintain healthy teeth. Decay or dental caries can be a result of not following the correct diet and brushing habits, it can also be due to crowded teeth, improper fillings, lack of sealants in areas of teeth that are difficult to clean and more.

Why do I need Fillings?

Fillings are done on time to prevent developing sensitive teeth and reducing the chance of decay progressing into the core of the tooth which has nerves and blood supply. This can result in Root canal treatment or Early loss of the tooth if treatment is delayed. Fillings done early maintains integrity of the tooth and continuity of the dental arch. Fillings done early prevent movement of nearby teeth into its space and will not compromise function as it contacts the opposing arch while having food.
Improper fillings, leaking fillings, discoloured fillings may need to be redone to prevent secondary decay and prevents having optimal health of teeth and gums.

How are Fillings done?

Once the tooth is examined for filling, x-rays may required to know the extent of decay and determine if filling alone is the best treatment. Then the soft caries or decay needs to be removed which may need minimal drilling and in some cases the use of a Local anaesthetic. Then the tooth is filled with a white resin and made to look closely resemble their original tooth. Fillings in children also depend on the age of the child, familiarity with their family dentist, level of co-operation, extent of decay and experience of what they have seen and heard from their parents, siblings, friends at school and media in general.

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