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Cracked Tooth

Gen D Gum Disease@2x

Teeth with cracks are usually seen in patients who clench or Grind their teeth. It could also result from the tooth anatomy, how the bite is distributed or balanced along the arch when in function and having very tight contacts from Crowding. Teeth weakened by large, fractured, broken or leaking fillings can also contribute to a Cracked tooth.

What is the treatment for Cracked tooth?

A dental Crown that covers the tooth is considered the best treatment for a cracked tooth if detected early. If left untreated the crack could progress leading to increased pain and sensitivity to cold and hot food or drinks. It could also result in loss of the tooth depending on the nature of crack propagation in relation to the nerves within the tooth. In some cases they may need Root canal treatment prior to placement of Crown. Also we would recommend using a Night guard if you are known to Grind your Teeth. In some cases it will result in removal of the tooth if it cannot be saved and will provide options to consider replace with Denture, Bridge or an Implant.

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