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Tooth Extraction

dental tooth extraction macleod and bundoora

The removal of teeth or a tooth extraction is a common procedure performed in a dental clinic. The reason for tooth extractions in a child could be due to trauma, extensive decay or wobbly teeth. Baby teeth are usually replaced by permanent teeth.

In adults tooth extractions are considered the last resort if the tooth cannot be saved by any other means. Extractions are required if there is extensive caries, advanced gum disease causing mobility of teeth, trauma with deep fractures or extra teeth.

How are Tooth Extractions Performed?

Firstly, the patient will often be administered the local anaesthetic. Once numbness is felt, slight movements are made with forceps for a simple extraction to loosen and remove the tooth. Then some gauze is placed at the site and you close your mouth gently until we check to see if it looks fine. We will try to ensure that our patients are kept relaxed and comfortable through every stage of the procedure. Our friendly dentists will be able to provide you with post-operative care and medication to help your recovery.

What Steps Need to Be Followed After Tooth Extractions?

We recommend sticking to a soft food diet and avoiding hot food on the day of and the day after the extraction. We also recommend rinsing your mouth gently, otherwise it could displace the blood clot and cause more bleeding if being vigorous with rinsing. The healing process is gradual and will usually take a week or two. A piece of sterile gauze can be placed if bleeding continues. Swelling is normal in some cases and could last a few days. Painkillers are to be taken as advised by your dentist and if any symptoms persist, please contact your clinic.

When you have a damaged tooth it is important to act proactively in order to prevent ongoing issues and reduce the need for tooth removal or associated extraction costs.

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