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Dental Mouth Guards and Custom Night Guards

dental mouth guard made by dentist Macleod

Dental Mouth Guards

Dental mouth guards are used to protect teeth from injuries. It is a flexible custom made appliance worn while playing any contact sports like footy, karate, boxing, etc. Wearing them will minimize the extent of trauma or injury by acting like a cushion, thus used a preventive option in such contact sports and recreational activities. They come in a wide range of colours including that of your favourite sports team to choose from.

Night Guard For Teeth

Night guards are a custom made removable appliance that is fitted over the biting surface of your teeth to protect surface damage from grinding at night time. They can be made of a acrylic or Nylon. Nylon usually lasts longer and is less prone to breakage. They are usually worn at night during sleep and recommended when we see signs of increase teeth wear, if you wake up in the mornings with sore teeth, jaw or headaches from night grinding of teeth.

Why Do I Need a Night Guard?

We would recommend a night guard if you are aware of night grinding or the dentist identifies signs of excessive wear of contacting surfaces of teeth. Night grinding is also known as bruxism and you could have additional symptoms of waking up with chronic headaches, sore jaws, toothache from cracks that develop on teeth due to teeth grinding. Using a Night Guard alone does not eliminate night grinding completely, but reduces excessive wear of tooth surfaces and prevents developing fractures from the habit.

Care Instructions for Night Guards and Mouth Guards

Rinse in water after each use.
Brush them gently with a soft tooth brush ever day.
Use appropriate appliance cleaner frequently as advised by your dentist.
Take them to your dentist during your routine checkup visits for inspection of wear and breakage in the appliance.

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