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Inflamed Gums

Gum Disease or Periodontitis Dentist Macleod, Bundoora and Rosanna

Inflamed gums are usually noticed accompanied with redness and commonly known as gingivitis. Deepening of gingival pockets may also lead to swelling in some cases. If left untreated it can lead to bone loss and could cause early teeth loss.

Inflammation of your gums may be caused by food getting trapped in between and underneath your gums, which will also lead to bleeding and bad breath. Dental decay left untreated could lead to swollen gums and tooth abscess. Lack of saliva or dryness of mouth and some medications promote inflammation of gums.


How to Prevent Gum Infections?

Dental cleans to remove plaque and tartar can help in maintaining healthy gums. Home care with proper brushing and flossing at regular intervals is required. Lastly, we recommend regular visits to your dentist who could monitor your gum health.

If your gums are red or swollen, please contact our experienced dentists at The Dental Retreat and get assessed for inflamed gums to prevent further problems.

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