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rosanna and bundoora dentures clinic

At The Dental Retreat at Macleod, we can provide alternative solutions for replacing your missing teeth. Our dental practitioners can help restore your lost smile with the new set of dentures, as we provide a range of dentures including acrylic, chrome and flexible alternatives.

Your dentures can either be a partial one to replace a few teeth or complete full dentures to replace all teeth. By replacing your missing teeth we help to restore the lost function and regain your lost smile.

Our elderly patients will not only benefit from having regular check-ups with our dentist, we will also enable them to take the right steps to support their oral health. Visit or call us for enquiring or to learn more about the cost for upper and lower dentures.


How do I take care of dentures?

When you have a new set of dentures, it is common to experience irritation or mild soreness of the gums initially. If such symptoms persist see your dentist who can adjust your dentures to make them more comfortable.

Take care not to drop the dentures as they are prone to breakage, store them in a secure container away from pets while not using and some pets can swallow or bite on them. Bring them for your regular Dentist exams as it can be checked for fit and signs of wear.

We recommend brushing your dentures every night with a denture brush and you can also use denture cleansing tablets as advised by your dentist.

Your Denture Clinic for Bundoora, Rosanna and Surrounds

If you are hiding your smile from friends and family, speak to our team at The Dental Retreat today. Book an appointment or call (03) 9459 7190 to learn more about cost of top and bottom dentures or to enquire about Our range of Dental services and treatment.

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