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Dental Treatments

The Dental Retreat Services

At The Dental Retreat we provide a wide range of comprehensive dental services and treatment aimed to improve the oral health of our valued patients.

Our staff includes dental practitioners and surgeons, who work closely with our patients to find the cause their discomfort or concerns, develop an in-depth view of their oral health and provide a customised plan to enable treatment for achieving lasting results.

We use the latest materials, equipment and sophisticated techniques to treat a range of Dental and Oral health issues in patients of all ages. We offer cosmetic, Restorative and Preventative dentistry services to give our patients a Healthy Smile.

We offer the following treatments options:

  • General Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Teeth Straightening
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Children’s Dentistry
  • Dental Surgery
  • Emergency Dentistry

Call The Dental Retreat today on (03) 9459 7190 to book an appointment and learn more about how our services can help to improve your overall oral health.

How Can General Dental Treatments Help?

Regular dental examinations form the cornerstone of a good preventative dental care and enable our dentists to detect any diseases and problems at a stage when they are easy and simple to treat. Procedures such as fillings help protect teeth and prevent any further decay and infection. If you do have an deep carious or decayed teeth, root canal treatment could be an option to save them, depending on the nature and extent of decay. Wisdom teeth cause developing issues along their eruption and our dentists keep a close eye on these teeth and will recommend the option of extraction if required or the best path forward. Fissure sealants are excellent for protecting the chewing surfaces of premolars and molar teeth. They are best applied immediately after these teeth erupt.

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