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Dental Implant and Dentures

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At The Dental Retreat at Macleod, we provide an alternative solutions to replace your missing teeth.

A Dental Implant can be used to replace your missing teeth. They are made to replace lost natural teeth, aesthetics and function. Dental implants are usually made from titanium and is surgically placed in the jaw. The embedded implant then serves as a foundation to attach and replace your missing tooth. Dental crown is customised and attached to the implant, it helps to restore lost function and regain your lost Smile.

Missing teeth can impair your ability to eat and speak normally and affects your level of self-confidence. Our dental practitioners can help restore your lost smile with the new set of dentures, as we provide a range of denture options like Acrylic, Chrome or flexible dentures.

If you are hiding your smile from friends and family, speak to Our Dentists or staff at The Dental Retreat today. Book an appointment to learn more about cost of top and bottom dentures or to enquire about our range of comprehensive dental services and solutions call (03) 9459 7190.

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